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Siege going to get HARDCORE mode + Other tweaks and fixes already patched in.

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Full details

We're also getting Custom Games on """""""""""dedicated"""""""""" (see the heavy quotations there?) servers. So far they're very limited, but will be updated and tweaked over time.

Blitz headmodel has been fixed since it was easy to get headshots on him.

Here's some other stuff:
Tweaked recoil on certain weapons in order to make them more controllable.
PKP Pecheneg
(PC only) AUG

Player Comfort

Added HUD presets in Custom Games to accommodate different needs
Added ESL Pro League S1 HUD, which is the preset chosen by ESL for their tournaments.
Altered Hardcore HUD, which is our first iteration leading to the Hardcore Mode. It is not final and is just a first step we can share as we work on completing the Game Mode.

Daily Challenges now accumulate daily without needing to log in
Players no longer need to log in at least once every 24 hours to get a new challenge. Instead, one challenge is granted every day to every player that has at least one free challenge slot, even if they don't log in.

Fairfight cheating kick message updated to make it clearer
When a player is banned, an unclear message was broadcasted to all players playing in public matchmaking ‘[player] has removed from the match by FairFight™.’ From now on, the message ‘[player] has been banned from the game by FairFight™.’ will be broadcasted instead.

They're really gonna be patching the heck out of this game now that they're putting this game into E-Sports League. Hopefully it leads to good things.
Posted Feb 11, 16 · OP
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Also you guys should probably watch this video. I thought getting shot around cover was pretty bad. Apparently player models don't show up facing correctly to each other, which is why you'll take the time to aim at someone who is not facing you, die, then see he was looking at you the whole time.

Really hope that sorta stuff gets fixed quick. If this game is gonna be in e-sports, they need to fix the damned netcode.
Posted Feb 11, 16 · OP
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